Pizza Promotion Singapore: Get All The Eyes On Your Special Pies

The pizza business is indubitably a big business with around $46 billion markets in the US, coupled with an astonishing number of 77,000 pizzerias. But how can one particular restaurant stand out from the other 76,999? Social media is the perfect place to start with. A beautiful feed filled with gooey cheesy madness will surely attract fans and followers your way.

This article will talk about SMS marketing as one of the tools for pizza promotion singapore

SMS Marketing 

  • What is it all about? 

SMS stands short for Short message service that is nothing but a fancy name for a text message. SMS marketing involves sending text messages to the phones of the customers directly.

A person can use such texts to inform his customers of a particular special entrée, provide them with coupons, or inform them about various special events in the future. They have a character limit of 160 characters, as a result of which they are desirably short and sweet.

pizza promotion singapore

  • Why should you do it?

First of all, what does everyone in this day and age almost possess? An estimated 96% of Americans in the present times have a cellphone, out of which around 81% are smartphones which is not even required to get SMS messages.

Apart from this, the rules governing SMS messaging tend to assist you in targeting only those people who wish to hear from you. A customer has to opt-in to receive the messages from you as it is entirely based on permission. SMS marketers cannot simply buy phone numbers and start sending SMS messages to their customers.

It can result in big fines while being a violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Also, you are required to provide an easy way for a customer to opt-out in case he wishes to change his mind about hearing from you.


Such rules generally mean that SMS marketing is undoubtedly one of the least spammy methods that you can use to reach your customers effectively. By spending a little time perfecting and learning this method for pizza promotion singapore now, you can grow your revenue through 2021 and beyond.