Eyelash Extensions – Are They Right Choice?

Lash extensions are the most beautiful thing, besides expensive, method to improve your natural lashes without mascara and strip false lashes. Such individually applied lashes will look very natural. With an exception of expense and appointment time, this means waking up every morning to look fabulous, but how long can eyelash extensions last? Let us get the answer to the following question.

When you go for the touch-up around 3 weeks after getting the extensions applied, all lash extensions do not fall off uniformly. The natural eyelashes will fall off each 45 to 60 days that means some extensions might last for over 2 months. Suppose you do not want the touch-up or want to remove the extensions naturally, you will have to wait 8 weeks for each last piece to come out.

Are Lash Extensions the Right Choice?

For a lot of women answer is yes!  Besides framing your eyes and making your eyes look prettier, they will save huge amount of your time not using mascara each morning.  Many people do not even bother with makeup like eyeshadow and eyeliner since they feel very confident with such extensions on.

As your eyelashes are at the different stages in growth cycle at a given time, these extensions will not all fall out immediately, and you may find that the gaps begin to appear some weeks after having your extensions put. Such situation is generally rectified during the fill-in treatment, and where lashes will be reapplied to sparse certain areas to extend general wear of the new lashes. Life span of the lashes may depend upon how rightly you care after the application—and, there are a lot of things that you may do at your home that will help to preserve your look better.