Our Minimum Wage Systems and an Alternative for that

As the years go by and humanity Continues to grow, we are currently seeing disagreements and debates about problems and many issues we are currently facing as a country. One of these arguments is about the minimum wage and to what degree it needs to be hiked up if at all. This is why the policies of our nation continue to fail. You expect things to work out and cannot make mandates. Situations are simply different form one nation to another to city or town and another to another. The only way to handle situations would be to get a third party gauge the situation independently and intervene.Let’s get a bit deeper into it. Let’s say Company A makes billions per year and has 20,000 employees. Company B makes 70,000 annually and has 5 employees. That is profit so including employee salary the gain after everything is said and done, after such and prices.

Using the technique of legislation making, we say B and Company A, on this date of you are going to begin paying your workers the calendar year amount. This retains B and Business A to the standard though they have resources at their disposal.It would evaluate their profit ratio and make sense to take Business B and A, number of employees, resources at their disposal and other information that is relevant and then make a determination. That is the reason we have laws like Salario Minimo, child labor. We have things like Medicare and Social Security. we really do not see it as any different to guarantee that the companies which have the most resources and for that reason the most impact on the planet, should be held to a higher standard while mom and pop shops that make less ought to be evaluated with that notion in your mind.

People May argue, especially no one has any right. To that we say employees are no different than stuff. Then it is not sensible to keep it if you cannot afford the materials for a company. Individual workers are another kind of resource. Your company is not any more viable than being unable to pay for the materials if you cannot afford to pay them correctly. It only works today because we permit it under the guise of a free market and such that companies can exist this way. The When alterations are made by us difficulty is, nothing changes. By this we mean if Company A from the previous instance was designed to raise their salary, they raise prices. Nothing is accomplished by this.  If we Earn a dollar per hour but costs is raised one step forward one step back sometimes two back.