Osteoporosis – Cannabis Compound Hardens Bone

Another research paper has been released that shows plant can help contain osteoporosis, the brittle bone disease. Researchers at the Institute of Medical Sciences, University of Aberdeen, UK have found how a non-psychoactive chemical in cannabis, cannabidiol can help maintain bone strength. The endo cannabinoid system is a group of mobile receptors which are activated by a group of lipids in addition to compounds derived from the cannabis plant. The receptors are involved in many different physiological processes including appetite control, memory pain and mood. Recent research has revealed that the endo cannabinoid system has a powerful influence on bone metabolism as the receptors are well represented on osteoclasts – cells whose main function is to resort bone.

Bone is an energetic, Tissue which is being formed to demands of the body and remodeled. Matrix is the substance which makes up the bone and the bone marrow framework’s areas and is made up of the calcium, magnesium and phosphate. Lots of individuals feel that if a person eats foods rich in these minerals they will prevent osteoporosis. Epidemiological and evidence indicates that this is not necessarily the case. When it comes to bone Disease and health control desorption and formation bone are equally as important as the availability of magnesium, calcium and phosphate. The formation and Restoration of bone matrix is controlled by two primary cell types:

1) Osteoblasts are Bone cells which are responsible for the formation of bone matrix

2) Osteoclasts are altered white blood cells responsible for the resorption of bone tissue.

These two cell types are controlled by a set of signaling cell receptors and hormones, hormones which react to the needs on physiological processes and bone tissue. If there are too many when these cells become overactive or osteoclasts, they will resort matrix than the osteoblasts may create. A predominance of activity leads to the bone getting dense – the characteristic of this condition called osteoporosis. The Aberdeen Scientists have found that binds to a particular receptor on the osteoblast cells that were bone-resorbing. By doing these cells are inhibited by it from resorbing the bone matrix. For that smoking pot helps strengthen their bones, they do so in vain. Although cannabis contains up to cannabidiol types contain very little of the compound and click here https://royalcbd.com/ to know more. The key point in my view is that it reveals how plant chemicals that are vital are in the prevention of degenerative diseases like osteoporosis. There are certain to be many different phyto nutrients in other food crops that have a positive effect on bone metabolism they simply have not been discovered yet.